This site is designed to help someone who’s been eating a standard American diet, full of meat, eggs, dairy and processed foods transition to a whole foods, vegan diet. I’m especially hoping that people with limited budgets will find this site useful.

I will teach you:

  1. How to properly equip your kitchen
  2. When/where/how to grocery shop
  3. What to buy when you grocery shop
  4. How to decide what to eat
  5. How to cook smarter, so you can go days without cooking.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, there are many amazing people in the vegan community who have already been doing this work for years. (Check out the “resources” area of the site for links to some of my favorites.) I just haven’t come across anyone who does things quite the same way I do, or who speaks to the audience I’m hoping to speak to.

You’re in the right place if :

  1. You love animals and don’t want to harm or exploit them.
  2. You buy veggies and they just go bad.
  3. You’re a young adult who has to feed yourself for the first time.
  4. Your doctor has just told you that you need to eat healthier, especially if that advice is due to a diagnosis such as heart disease or diabetes.
  5. You want to stay vital in your later years.
  6. You want to save money and stop eating out so much.
  7. You want to explore your creativity through food.
  8. You’re bored of eating the same things all the time
  9. You want more energy and to feel better

If you’ve been eating a standard American diet, what would you see if I asked you to close your eyes and think of dinner. Did you see a plate with a piece of beef, chicken, fish along with some type of carbohydrate like a potato or pasta and then a veggie thrown on the side? Maybe there’s even an extra piece of bread in there somewhere too.

Close your eyes again and now imagine a plate where half of it has veggies and/or fruits. With that, you have a whole source of carbohydrates (whole grain breads, tortillas, rice, quinoa) and some type of non animal protein source like beans, legumes, tofu. And finally, to bring it all together, a delicious sauce. That’s a radical change, isn’t it?

I’ll be honest…switching to a whole foods, plant based vegan diet is going to be a big change for most of the people who are reading this. There is a steep learning curve to completely overhauling the way you eat. I know, because I did it.

There’s good news too though! There are plenty of skills that will transfer over to this new lifestyle. If you know how to chop veggies, boil water, bake cookies, all of those skills will be useful to you as you move forward in your whole food journey.

I’m here to tell you not to worry. I’ve gone from square one to years of eating a more healthy, plant based diet and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve spent thousands of hours in the kitchen and even more time reading books and blogs, watching videos and documentaries. Now that I’ve been confident in my ability to feed myself healthfully, I’m ready to share with you how I do it.

Why? Well, because I’ve never seen someone lay it out quite the way I do. I think I have something a bit different to add to the conversation. I think I can simplify it and make it easier for you.

Here’s some more good news, to get you started…

  1. You’ll get faster. At everything. I promise. The first time I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner, I think I almost died from the stress. Now? Give me a solid two hours and I’ll whip up a feast even a king would be envious of. You’ll get there too, it just takes practice.
  2. Dishes are WAY easier to clean when you’re not cooking with animal products and a lot of oil.
  3. If you really go for it, you’ll feel so much better physically in such a short period of time, you won’t want to go back.
  4. Your tastes will change. I can remember a time when a fast food burger was my idea of delicious. Now? I could probably do a blind taste test and distinguish between 5 kinds of lettuce. Did you know that different types of lettuce have different flavors? I certainly didn’t. Until I was like 35, I’d never eaten a piece of lettuce that wasn’t drowned in ranch or part of a sandwich.
  5. You can do this regardless of how much time, money, enthusiasm or knowledge you currently have. I’ll show you how.
  6. If you follow my methods, you’ll probably spend less time and money on food than you do now.


Explore the learning section of this site and let me help you make this change!